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About Mieux

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About Mieux


In French, the word ‘Mieux’ means the ‘best’. The reason using French is because many of the world renowned international brands are from France. The underpinning intention for Mieux to go international lies behind its ultimate objective in satisfying its clients by bringing to them the exclusive design and best experiences out of any living space.

The trademark for the modern interior design (ID) was mostly the result of begin confronted with old, crumbling interiors and diversity. Alongside the  challenges, the birth of Mieux is under the spotlight of the interior design industry in Malaysia with continuous satisfied projects that made its clients dance with joy, typically in the private residential segment.

The marketplace in Malaysia is relatively common for mass-design resulting in no significant character. Thus, Mieux wishes to bring out the best charisma for the interior design industry in Malaysia as it was believed that each and every designs are of its innovation and uniqueness churned by the very own characteristics of its clients. Instead of follow blindly the trend and taste, through design of the space integrated with various elements, the homeowners could better understand and appreciate his own personality.

Extreme luxury tempered by a restrained, purist sensitivity define the “Made with heart” signature of Mieux, with remarkable projects stand out for its refined sense of architectural scale over ostentation and fickle design trends. A true sense of strength and sobriety characterizes a Mieux Interior Design, achieved through a  masterful interplay of harmonious volumes and strict lines softened by lighting and authentic materials.

The statement “customer is King” was redefined by Mieux with a new definition: Only when client is well informed of his needs and wants and options he has will become the King of his home.

Mieux is convinced that an interior designer is an artist who communicates with people through space that gain recognition. For that, Mieux stood as an innovator and explorer in interior design that always been a master of styles. It is undoubtedly an exclusive brand offering a complete philosophy based on but not limited to a set of vocabulary: state-of-the-art, high-end, joyful, harmonious, chic, elegant etc which translated to an ‘art de vivre'(French, means art of living’).

Mieux is an Aquarius with its date of incorporation falls on 8 Feb 2018. Aquarius is not one going with the flow, whereas Aquarians make their own mind up and stick to it, and this assertiveness as one of the most significant characteristics of Aquarius describes the contour of Mieux.

With its spirit constantly striving for innovative designs, Mieux strongly resist ‘copycat’ or ‘photocopy’ of designs and ensures every design is a unique ‘fingerprint’ of the combination of the particular client and designer.

Connection with the space by juggling a balance between functionality and art is the key to unfold the facts and creating design that best fit the clients’ lifestyle and requirements. Mieux believes in forms follow function that would significantly reduces strangeness by taking into consideration of artificial aesthetics, in-depth understanding about the client with mood test, intensive interview to reveal insights for ideas.

Mieux Design Team is an untiring team striving for design and build excellence. In Mieux, it was regarded as the ultimate mission to uphold ethical and subversive vision of a creative environment, creates unconventional places and spaces. The united creative minds formed a force to be reckoned with but not limited to just blending classic and contemporary styles with nature, colors and specific preferences.

From minimalist to ultra-sophisticated, under the direction of the founding members and a strong team of well-experienced employees of Mieux, perpetuates rigorously what made the success of the top-notch designs. Eclecticism with luxury details and refinement is always the key words when it comes to creating the very own universes for its prestigious clients.

To create an original work of art, Mieux imbues with soul of each property. In the eyes of Mieux, each site is a piece of blank paper and a source of inspiration. Depending on the place’s atmosphere, blending into the wish of the client, the interior designer determines the perfect space planning, layout, which will then complete with artwork, bespoke creations and design details.

In the eyes of Mieux, each site is a piece of blank paper and a source of inspiration