Designing is about human oriented, balance between art and solutions. ~ Isaac.L

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Interior Design Concept

  |  Interior Design Concept

‘Design is not for the sake of designing’, it was redefined by Mieux that design is for a reason answering to the questions Why, What, When, for Who and How.

Especially catered to satisfy clients with high expectations and in upholding the philosophy to upkeep competency for continuous improvement and excellence, Mieux typically take ‘quality’ seriously which very well translated to the service level as follows:

1. Responsible and fully dedicated
2. Uncompromised services
3. Fast delivery and response time (Mieux owns a respond team for rectification works)
4. Good communication with follow-up and follow-through
5. Best control to upkeep quality and exclusivity
6. Personalized design catered to owner`s charisma, lifestyle and habit
7. Believes in result determined by details
8. Syncing between client and Mieux is of utmost importance
9. Walk the talk

Mieux has been entrusted with iconic dream homes as well as cutting-edge refurbished properties as a direct result of its creative integrity, authenticity and craftsmanship brought to each and every projects. Mieux designs the best spaces for its clients by establishing systems of habitation that they can easily appropriate with design structured around people, taking every aspect of their lives into considerations by merely imposes a hard style

While striving to bring the magic touch on the illustrious space planning and interior design, Mieux stay zoomed into every details for something really determining. Subtle, enigmatic sophistication, for designs that reflect passion for exotic ambience and space, beautiful modern interior designs. In some projects, string lines, clean lines, simple modernity, classic elements, lighting, integrating vibrant colors and confident is use of rich materials, particularly marble, and telling detail that brings an interior to living.

Mieux is specializing in balancing calm color palettes relatively unadorned furniture harmoniously to create a serene atmosphere. It was believed that electric and emblematic interior plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, thus never sticking to the purity of style but to tackle in an architectural manner and complements spaces with refined selection of custom-designed, artisan decorative objects for exquisite style and edgy design that comes alive.

To create an original work of art, Mieux imbues with soul of each property