Designing is about human oriented, balance between art and solutions. ~ Isaac.L

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Interior Design Approach

  |  Interior Design Approach

The dedicated, passionate and creative team in Mieux was built with a group of experienced designers who never stop making breakthrough and fresh blood who never encountered any out-of-idea situation.

The well-mixed team is well-experienced and is every ready to produce designs of the highest quality to a plethora of high expectation and demanding clients. Coupled with the string network and connections with experts in the relevant and diverse fields, Mieux delivers excellence in all projects being awarded and often surpass any client`s expectations.

Other than maximizing space utilization and intergrating cutting-edge technology, Mieux believes in creating spaces that breathe about living with designs that fosters relationships of the homeowners and their family. Mieux achieves this through a string DASH to the interior design industry:

1. Design & build
2. A-Z follow-up and instant rectification
3. Short troubleshooting time for ad-hoc issues
4. Hassle-free(from engage service till ready to move in)


From mood test to conceptualization followed by proposal of materials > work schedule > renovation > furniture sourcing > electrical appliances > taste advisory and sourcing of decorative items > complete and handover > ready to move in, Mieux provided services from A to Z covering all relevant information, from even as trivial as the height of the client to their color liling, lifestyle and requirements etc.

Like a skilful magician, Mieux`s artful transformation combines traditional and existing elements with foward-thinking design interventions, creating a multi-layered interior that reinvents the history and original aesthetic, firmly rooting it into present day, as a result.


The most significant differentiation carried by Mieux is daring and dare to be different. Interior design will always be in demand and continue to evolve and thus elevated expectations and opportunity to fulfill needs and wants will be the key to stand out among stiff competitions.

Design is an irreplaceable art, it shows emotions by blending emotions between different individuals in the ever changing environment. Even new elements can be added into retro style making it a new trend, implying breakthrough of higher standards are set on the solid foundation of the very best. The combination of interior design skills with aptitude for decoration gave birth to one iconic design. Mieux had demonstrated in its past projects to portray clients desire with a unique touch of attentiveness and passion.

The most significant differentiation carried by Mieux is daring and dare to be different