Designing is about human oriented, balance between art and solutions. ~ Isaac.L

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Founder and Marketing Director

Isaac Lim is the co-founder of Mieux and holding the position of Business Development Director. Being someone keeping a habit in reading psychology and business management books, he holds a Degree in Architecture and has deep interest in art, typically painting and drawing. He has been staying relevant with vast experience gained from his past experiences prior to Mieux is founded.

Isaac addresses the present interior design concerns with an evolved sensibility, all built upon the body’s natural responses most possibly. The objects are not just functional; they perform, just like how it works for keeping up to quality works with respect of one’s professionalism and believe one’s professional opinions, and in order to achieve that, communication with clients to discover fine details that synced between the client and designer.

Isaac is an eclectic creative practice who aim for a well blend of art and business. However, he applies his creativity into any other scopes than design but just as much as like adding icing on the cake, bringing it a true Mieux. He honed his taste for research, innovation and exploring new possibilities in elevating the design standards, taking the helm on numerous projects in the cultural art and conceptual design spheres. His unwavering spirit in pushing the limits of Mieux and attract the attention of prestigious clients who opted for quality works.