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  |  SHEILA C.


Co-Founder and Creative Director

Being a lover of art since young, Sheila C. is a passionate interior designer who combines art and architectural techniques in every one of her projects by embracing different fields beyond design and build, furniture and decorative. To create an original work of art, Sheila C. imbues herself with the soul of each property. She is the reigning queen of creativity that innovates with objects and seamless integration of magic architectural structures that breathe design, art, space and living.

Sheila constantly reinvents her interiors with inspiration for the interiors she creates are elegant, fluid and reflects the essence of what the client is longed for. With her forte in to interior design, she is forging her style and axes of influence on the lookout for discerning clients, demanding a unique vision. This vision is above all that of a lover of art, passionate about design, who creates her designs like an extract from the best sources.

Specializing in interior design and interior architecture, Sheila portrays her very own designs through each of her projects adding sufficient sense of sophistication but keeping in mind the practicality of it. Indeed, from Dancing with the Stone to Gallery In The Rainz, Sheila never ceases to impress her clients with elegance and grace. She believes that local designers are equally well as compared to any renowned international interior designers if their potential are fully unleashed with spirit of giving the best to ID.