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An Ivory Beauty

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The minimalistic ideal works best for many individuals as they bring the luxury of understated elegance to everyday life. It also requires the stripping off of many facades, layers and pretenses to allow the authenticity and natural beauty of a space to shine through.

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When sophisticatedly applied; white, eggshell and wood need not be boring and that is the only way to describe the Altered White condominium designed by Mieux Design. Located in Bandar Sungai Long, the Landmark Residence is an embodiment of what graceful living looks like and this unit was beautifully designed to match the elegance of Landmark Residence. The modest yet stunning unit that measures 1,163 sq ft focuses on design that is practical and modest without sacrificing style.

Living up to its name, Mieux which means best in French, Mieux Design opted for an everlasting concept for this unit. Founded on a single principle of providing the best solution and ideas for interior design, Mieux Design felt that the Minimalist concept would work well to highlight the unit’s natural beauty. While colour trends changes with the season, there are some colours that don’t lose their appeal and remain enduring and white is one of them so the team at Mieux decided on the potent combination of white and Minimalism to create a splendid effect. This modern dwelling boasts an ivory interior that is rich in texture to give this interior an identity of its own.

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The emphasis on the minimalist concept is that ‘less is more’ but getting this concept right involves more than limiting the number of furniture to an area. To achieve the desired effect, careful thinking and deliberateness is required when putting together the minimalist look and Mieux Design creates comfortable, stylish and classic environments with particular emphasis on attention to details and simplicity of line and form. For this unit, as soon as you enter the living area, the first thing that catches the eye is the pristine-ness of the area.

Everywhere you look shades of white occupy it while clean lines, monochrome and simplicity rules this space. At a glance, this space offers a Zen-like ambiance that is soothing, eclectic, and modern all at once which does wonders to the senses as well as mind, body and soul. Wooden elements found on the dining table and chairs as well as the jet black wall adds a pop of colour to the
interior making it vibrant and pulsing with energy. The natural marble texture TV cabinet, also in a light brown timber hue creates contrast while maintaining harmony. Natural light shines in from the large windows and creates a breezy and bright space.

Taking after the colour palette from the main communal area, the bedroom too features hushed tones where again black is threaded into the grey and white space. Here, the bedding is the palest of grey while the wooden flooring and black dresser inject life into the room, daring the room to be bold and beautiful. Another room that could possibly be converted in to a study or office area is also furbished with wooden flooring that is matched with walls painted in ivory and curtains, a dark grey.

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The kitchen is a shocker as it completely breaks away from the rest of the house and gives off an industrial vibe. Although small is size, the kitchen is a beautiful juxtaposition that elevates the entire home. Black kitchen appliances and accessories such as the custom-made kitchen top stand out against the timber-textured backdrop of the walls and white tiles. The sliding door that separates the kitchen from the rest of the space keeps it clean and pretty. Other elements that take this space to a whole new level are the use of special pendant lighting over the dining area that gives it a space-age feel and also installing panels that not only add texture to the place but also helps conceal a shoe cabinet. Mieux Design has carefully thought out a design concept where every part of the home works in tandem and in harmony within the home and its environment.

Name of Designer: SHEILA. C
Project Location: LANDMARK 1 RESIDENCE,
Site Area (sq ft): 1,163
Completion Date: DECEMBER 2019


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