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Classical Marriage

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The unique name of Classical Marriage were especially dedicated for the design and built of joining the 2 beautiful souls that meant to be together. The two become one of 2 side by side semi houses making the total size of a 7,239 sq ft bungalow with a welcoming black marble access opening. However, Classical Marriage doesn’t limited to the joining of two houses, but also the unique combination of the classical elements from different era with modern touch to create a new modern classical design with detail elements to bring out the best of its subtleness, classiness and comfortability.

The most impactful design came from the bold yet stylish ideas with the significant feature of custom made elements and hand crafted abstract art piece cabinet that uplifted the entire feel of the space. Nevertheless, also the handcrafted classical elements such as wainscoting at wall, classical cornice ceiling and ironmongery at stairs.  

From the material perspective, marble is nonetheless the timeless material that brought the best out of the classical mood which were widely used for flooring, TV cabinet features, dining area, kitchen top and backsplash etc. With a subtle touch of gold plated detailing at some areas, it soothes the overall cooling atmosphere brought by marbles with subtle-classiness of understated luxury, just like the synergy effect of marriage where they both complemented one another for the effect of one plus one equals more than two.

Project Title:

Classical Marriage


Tropicana Aman, Selangor

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Total Size:

7,239 sq ft