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Dancing with the Stones

  |    |  Dancing with the Stones

As the name implies, “Dancing with The Stones” was a magic play with types of marble and quartz and well presented in glamorous and elegance for its classical European interiors with modern elements of bold and subtle touches of gold with charismatic marble veins.

Iconic traits and significant elements were spotted in this timeless appeal of European home, for instance the brown velvet upholstered stretch of gold laminated wall framed by golden strips off to the side and the nature-inspired patterned rug made one feels like being in Europe.

The extravagance brought by recessed ceiling framed with gold strip while seamless integration was remarked with the dining table in white quartz top that paired with grey velvet upholstered dining chairs. This home filled with a truly European atmosphere is located at Parkfield Residence, Tropicana Heights, Kajang in Malaysia.

Project Title:

Dancing with the Stones


Parkfield Residence, Tropicana Heights

Project Type:

Semi Detached

Total Size:

3079 sq ft