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The definition of a home is well defined through a harmony emerging between the contemporary modern style with the essence of classical rhythm.

These two-bedroom unit in Five Stones exclusively designed by Mieux Design with a harmonious integration between the modern contemporary and royally classical style. In the living room, the classical styles are defined through the English white and gold strip wainscoting element as part of the wall installation, The space is also delighted by the compliment of marble on its feature wall, which also houses a mounted LCD TV screen and a pastel grey horizontal cabinet underneath it. The walls are also installed with the classical- featured column to enhance the focus on the feature wall supported by the white creamy shades of the modern longitudinal three-seater sofa and the dark blue accents from the two single-unit sofas, as well as the ottoman cushion carrying similar color tones. The gold solid cylinder side table placed adjacent to the square living room adds a classy ambiance to the space.

Next to the living room, the designer Sheila C. initiated a smart partition between the living room and the play room area. The see-through glass with the dark frame creates a spaciousness onto both sides of the area. Furthermore, the transparent gesture allows the room to be easily supervised even while not physically present. In this sense, the chosen material allows for a sense of security for both parents and children. A direct horizontal louvre allows an optimum amount of natural sunlight into the room. The geometrical pattern of the carpet furnished on the other hand, is a continuation of the modern classical themes.

The cascading crystal chandelier with gold detailing, together with the round setting of the dining table, which also introduced the essence of gold on its profiles, gives a glimpse of luxuriousness. The details immediately elevates the space. The kitchen cabinet nicely flows into the space with the modern clean-cut design, making its presence humble and yet noticeable. The kitchen design in such as to become a humble backdrop for the beautiful and lavishly furnished elements from the living room and the dining room. It’s a well-integrated open space design, which allows for the harmonious blending of the two contrasting styles.

The master bedroom is designed in a way that serenity is achieved. The combination of the gold strips of the white wainscoting similar to the front compliments the modern full-height curtains, which come in shades of beige and white. The similar shades applied on the bedsheets with a contrasting introduction of dark blue from the pillow cover creates a nice touch of surprise. Cosiness at its best, this master bedroom is furnished with modern king-sized beds, which gel very well with the whole classical setting of the room. The built-in wardrobe certainly has its own unique ambiance. The implementation of mirrors enlarge the space from long and narrow to a grandeur ‘walk of fame’. It offers a good ambiance to start the day, the elegance can soothing away any negative moods. The parallel alignment of the timber flooring enhances the quality of the space with a distinct discipline in design.

The second bedroom has its own clean and modern looking style, which suits its purpose as a space for a male toddler. Remaining are the similar dark shade of blue, but the rooms maintain their modernity with the solid white shades of its loose furniture.

The overall look of this interior unit creates an ambiance and sense of welcoming and belonging to any . The whole look eliminates the strange feeling and created an immediate excitement as well as the homey culture into a living space.

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