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A Melody of Marble

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Augmenting the sophistication of classic European home aesthetics with the charm of natural stone, the design of this spacious home is a unique work of art in its own right.

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The very definition of idyllic living at its finest, Parkfield Residences offers the chance to indulge in a life surrounded by the beauty of nature day after day. Part of the Tropicana Heights master development which is located in Kajang, it is a low-density housing project which boasts a variety of nature-inspired facilities. While more than satisfied with the serenity their new home provided, one individual living here wanted their abode to simultaneously reflect their love for nature and vintage European houses. They enlisted the help of Sheila.C who realised their dream by conceptualising a modern take on classical European interiors which capitalises on the beauty of stone textures.

Aptly named Dancing with the Stone, the residence is a glamorous and elegant combination of European chic and natural beauty. Various types of marble and quartz were utilised in several ways and forms that not only accentuated their existing allure but also complemented the timeless appeal of European homes. Expressed in elements such as classical wainscoting and skirting, a custom-made aluminium louvre door and exquisite pendant lights, the Western influence on the abode is subtle but undeniable. Bringing it all together to create a truly luxurious visual are touches of gold at strategic points throughout the house which help all the other fine details around them shine all the brighter.

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Naturally, the living room best embodies the overarching concept literally from top to bottom. Decorating the entire ground floor are black marble tiles which make a bold statement with their grey and white veining. Flanked by green-tinted glass panes, the large grey marble slab behind the television continues the theme and has a sizable space near its base that serves as an unobtrusive television cabinet. The exception to the rule is the brown velvet upholstered stretch of gold laminated wall framed by golden strips off to the side. Above, the white recessed ceiling has similarly been framed with a golden strip while a nature-inspired patterned rug underfoot adds some bright colours to the space.

Tucked away in its own corner of the house is the dining area which is separated from the nearby lounge area by glass panels with classically inspired designs. With its double-volume ceiling and large white rug, it manages to effortlessly feel spacious and establish its own invisible boundaries at the same time. In line with the home’s aesthetic, the dining table has a white quartz top and has been paired with grey velvet upholstered dining chairs.

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Up the staircase which sports a black marble and gold partition wall, the master bedroom has an equally grand appearance despite trading in the black marble floor tiles for hardwood flooring. A recessed ceiling framed with a gold strip identical to the one in the living room gives it a similarly opulent ambience. Grey velvet upholstered panels double as wall covering and suspended headboard, creating a striking contrast against the white French wall panels framed in gold strips on the opposite side. The end result is a sleeping area that brings to mind a five-star hotel, guaranteeing a good night’s rest.

Name of Designer: SHEILA.C
Project Type: SEMI-D HOUSE
Site Area (sq ft): 3,079
Completion Date: FEBRUARY 2019


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