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It is the fashion today to have a Modern Contemporary home. Custom furnishing that runs through from the ceiling to every wall, is the epitome of luxury since the time of Versailles. With a trendy twist, Arch of White emphasises on aesthetic that is sleek and thoughtful with several hidden details that aim to pleasantly surprise.

Arch of White brings in the element of surprise as it moves from the comfort of a dark palette to bright open spaces. Tucked in the embrace of Plum-Mahogany wood, the entrance and dining area maximises its soothing colour to give the eyes shade and rest. This material is also doubles up as a hidden door to keep the laundry space out of sight in a classy way. Adding a sparkle of light tones, the trendy gold leaf and marble wave art and post modern acrylic tube pendent looks on to the light marble and leather dining set. Behind foldable see-through doors, the cosy kitchen is brightly lit with cabinet lighting, and high grade porcelain top that is generously used from end-to-end.

Opting for a new age ambience, the wood laminated ceiling is simple yet curved to represent an arch that frames the city view through the full length sliding door. Light grey with comforting edges, the modern modular sofa is placed in the center of this space, separating the two feature walls. On one end, the artist marble wall feature highly contrasts against the built-in dark cabinetry that highlights this family area’s refined tastes. Embodying the love and peace this family has for each other, warm lighting shines forth to show that their affection comes from every part of their hearts, even the hidden places. On the other end of the space, the platform design that houses a hidden Japanses table is also a raised entertainment area that is illuminated by the modern rings of life wall art.

Art in motion, special carpentry mechanism is disguised with detailed wood strip to form the master bedroom’s door. The same material is again used as a feature wall to ensure congruence of design. For a Modern Contemporary look that is chill and trendy, the details on the artist marble curve corner cabinet and partially hidden wardrobe are custom made features with one-of-a-kind handles in polished bronze and wood. Stylish and unique in appearance, the ambience of this room is a fashion tip top modern drum table that is completed with twin modern statuettes.

To assimilate synergy of design, both the second and third bedrooms feature painted black circles that crosses between walls to cast a modern eye on the minimalist furnishing. The second bedroom is creates visual depth with a multi-tier platform design and hidden storage function under the bed. By the window, the Japanese table is the perfect work and study area for two while the built-in Plum-Mahogany cabinet allows its owner to store books and other personal items.

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