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Halcyonic Embrace

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Positivity for mental health is so crucial in today’s world. So much so that it has become the norm to unload one’s burdens on a willing listener. However, should a home be infused with elements that have calming, refreshing, and relaxed vibes, it would be more than just pleasing visual living.

The Eastern Oriental grounds itself to nature with the New Chinese Zen interior design style. Eye-catching even from an aerial view, it uses high-quality synthetic grass to match its façade aesthetic and act as insulation against the Malaysian weather.

Blessed with the presence of a life-size Buddha statue, it invites many to meditate with it as the Zen garden creates a sense of tranquility. Peace is continued with a unique curvature as it transmits a glorious aura from the altar to the rest of its home.

White marble floors against black marble tables create an air of superiority without moving away from nature. The built-in cabinet designs, on the other hand, links through the entire ground floor, making the space one. Littered strategically throughout the common area, each loose piece of furniture has been chosen to reflect mindfulness and the wish to achieve perfection. Combining the Zen elements of Earth, Metal, and Wood, it uses orange curtains and soft materials to highlight the living space. This two-toned characteristic creates a fusion with the white and black surfaces.

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Nestled within the black frame arch, a secondary gathering space looks beyond, stretching the mind far into the horizon. Bringing back the focus within regulated constrain, the curved zen ceiling mirrors the gentle embrace of its modern gold, orange and beige seats. Against the marble feature wall, various decorative items will further enhance and complete the Zen five elements.

To implement self-restraint and to perceive the true nature of things without egotism, the second bathroom uses a humble curved mirror and minimal reflective surfaces. This restricts the need for vanity as granite stone flashes through to create deep contrast with the white porcelain tiles. Allowing for better retrospection, the main bathroom is furnished with more mirrors and glass but still keeps its details to a minimum. The rooms then focus on inward reflection using comfortable materials, low-keyed colours, and minimalist designs. Green and neutral colours gently reduce the over-glare of white surfaces. At the same time, modern lighting can be found in specific areas to bring out the beauty of the inner character.

Allowing the main individuals of this home a little more indulgence, several elements have been combined for a luxurious ambiance. The curved bamboo marble walls and textured wallpaper flaunt the other custom-made furnishing, such as the Travertine Marble television cabinet and artist-painted headrest. Filling up the generous space in this room, each wardrobe piece is carefully chosen to capture sunlight and bathe its inhabitants with blessings.

“Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself” (Siddhartha Gautama Buddha).

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