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The Look of Lux

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Mieux Design’s bespoke design celebrates their client’s individualism with luxury design

The word “mieux” means best in French, and when Mieux Design was established by Isaac Lim and Sheila Chang, the name they chose indicated the kind of design and experience they wanted to deliver.

Founded in 2018, the duo noticed a need for more creativity in the interior design market and believed they could fill that gap with more interesting designs for residential and commercial projects.

Partners in work as in life, the couple’s talents created the ideal synergy. Lim, an architecture graduate, had a flair for marketing, while Chang, an interior designer, was the creative engine who specialised in high-end commercial projects. Together they started building a portfolio of projects espousing their ideals of luxury, functionality and comfort.

“Great design is all about details which offer a good experience and is user friendly. However, it needs to have precision as well. By that, I mean it needs to cater to the client’s needs,” explains Lim.

Indeed, in a crowded marketplace, this commitment to delivering personalised solutions and intuiting what a client needs precisely sets Mieux Design apart. “Our client base is in the mid-to- high range, and we understand what our clients want and need,” states Lim. “Most of our clients are busy, successful businessmen who let us handle projects from A to Z and enjoy the finished results when they are handed their keys.”

While the results seem effortless, Lim explains that much preparation and research are done before the design work starts. “The key to getting the design right is understanding the client, so our pre- design prep is thorough. We start with interviewing the client, which can take up to two hours,” Lim says. “From this, we learn what they want and figure out what they need even though they might not realise it. For example, if the client has small kids, they may not realise that their homes must be child-proof and evolve as they grow up.”

Besides interviewing the client, Lim is emphatic about the importance of visiting the site as part of their pre-design prep: “We always believe in designing within context. Whether the quality of the natural light or the natural surroundings, our designs must interact and collaborate with the outside of the property to match the inside space.”

While Mieux Design is committed to delivering a home that suits a client’s purposes, the designers do not believe in blindly acquiescing to a client’s every whim. “Sometimes the effect a client wants may not be achievable by the kind of things they like, which is where we come in,” muses Lim. “For example, when a client says they want an elegant and classy home, but their tastes veer towards the gaudy, we show them examples of how spaces can be subtle yet luxurious. Moreover, our reputation as a luxury design firm is at stake, so the results must reflect our ethos.”

As for working in the luxury interior design segment successfully, Mieux Design’s award- winning portfolio of projects speaks for itself. “Affluent clients want a home which feels special and wows visitors, which sets our work apart,” says Lim. “Ultimately, our designs enhance the owner’s personality or character, a home which is entirely unique to them.”